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Beacon Painting Company's Warranty
Upon full payment any painting work completed by Beacon Painting Company will be warranted for a period of two years following the completion of the project. Any peeling of stain or paint from any vertical surfaces will be repaired at no cost to the warrantee. This includes all labor and material costs. Horizontal surfaces or surfaces demonstrating rot or unusually high moisture content (25% moisture content or higher as shown by a moisture meter) due to improper construction or inadequate drainage are excluded from this blanket warranty. Those surfaces will however be repaired by Beacon Painting Company in a timely manner, regardless how small an area the problem encompasses, at an expense to the warrantee of $28 per hour plus materials. This promise to return to repair damage applies to all surfaces in subsequent years after the expiration of the two-year period, at that year's standard rate. All charged warrantee work will be accrued hourly, there will be no minimum full or half-day charges.
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